There is a lot of info on this page for artists who are participating in the FESTIVAL portion of ARTSWEEK GOLDEN. Hopefully, we've covered everything, however, feel free to reach out if you have additional questions that aren't covered here. 

What do I do when I arrive? 

Check in at the loading zone (described in the next question). Artists packets will be available here and booths will be clearly marked. 

A map outlining the major elements of the festival overlaid onto a satellite image of Kafadar Commons on the CSM campus. 

This is a panoramic view from the vantage point of booth B34 on the map. Lots of shade and grass! 

Where/when do I load in/out?

Navigate to Foothills Art Center at 809 15th Street, Golden, CO. When you turn onto 15th Street you'll see the art center on your left. Continue down 15th until you enter the cup-de-sac. That is the designated loading zone for the festival. Please do not load from any other location. Kafadar Commons is on the Colorado School of Mines campus and this is where the festival takes place. Designated parking for artists is located in the lot next to the arts center. Helpful signage will be present as well to help direct traffic and designated parking. Artists packets will be located at the loading zone where artists will check in.

Artists can start unloading on Friday, July 20th at 4pm. Artists who wish to set up on Saturday, July 21st can load in from 6:30am to 10am. The festival starts promptly at 10am and all artists are expected to be fully set up by this time. Volunteers will be on hand to assist in the loading zone as we want to efficiently load and unload to allow traffic to move appropriately. Do not leave your car in the loading zone while setting up.

The festival ends at 5pm on July 22. Hopefully, people won't want to leave and are still buying quality art! If that's the case then break down of booths can begin at 6pm. However, we'll use our discretion and if the majority of festival goers have vacated we'll give the all clear to artists to begin breaking down. Artists may not close down prior to the event officially closing. 


What is the best way to market ARTSWEEK GOLDEN through email? 

We encourage participating artists to send a few emails to your personal contact lists using an email marketing tool such as MailChimp, Emma, or Constant Contact. Or you can just use your personal email list as well!

Use photos of your art, and our ARTSWEEK GOLDEN logos to make your emails pop. Make sure you include a link to as well as your booth number so your fans know where to find you. 

Create a system to collect emails while you are here. A lot of the credit card processing software you already have access to is able to collect emails from paying customers. You can also use a simple method of having a paper sign-up sheet. 

What is the best way to market ARTSWEEK GOLDEN through social media?  

Savvy artists already know that social media platforms are a great way to engage audiences. Foothills Art Center actively uses Facebook and Instagram to engage our fans on social media and we'll be using these during ARTSWEEK GOLDEN to amplify events during the week. 

If you post on social media be sure to tag @FoothillsArtCenter. Share our posts to your networks and help us spread the word. Our media sponsor Westword will be posting about ARTSWEEK GOLDEN as well so be sure to share their posts, too. 

What is the best way to market ARTSWEEK GOLDEN through print? 

If you have a physical mailing list then a postcard is the best way to go. Use your favorite graphic design program and be sure to include, the ARTSWEEK GOLDEN logo, a link to the event page at, a link to your artists website, your booth number, and images of your artwork.

Foothills Art Center uses 1 Stop Printing in Golden. They do all of our print publications at a really great price. Worth checking out. 

What are my tax requirements? 

As a vendor in ARTSWEEK GOLDEN you are required to remit sales tax of 7.5% for all goods sold during the two day festival. Golden, Colorado is a home rule city and for that reason each artist will need to apply for an event sales tax license with both the City of Golden and the State of Colorado. If you already have a sales tax license with the City of Golden you DO NOT need to complete the City’s application and you will remit sales tax with your regular monthly return. The state form should be completed even if you currently have a state sales tax license. There is no fee associated with the state application if you already have a state sales tax license. The fee is $8 for one event. City of Golden sales tax is 3% and the State of Colorado sales tax is 4.5%, total sales tax is 7.5%. Links to all required forms are below.

City of Golden forms and remittance (only if you do not have a city sales tax license)

  • Complete and sign the Temporary Vendor License Application and mail it and a $50 deposit to the City of Golden address on the application.
  • Collect sales tax of 3% on the sale of goods during the festival.
  • Remit sales tax to the City of Golden using the Temporary Vendor Remittance Form within 10 days of the event (to receive your $50 deposit refund) which is August 1, 2018.

State of Colorado forms and remittance

If you have any questions or concerns please contact Sherry McEachran at Foothills Art Center by email at or by phone at 720-270-2749.

I need to rent booth supplies! Do you have a resource for that? 

Altitude Event Services rents tents to artists that satisfy our requirements spelled out in the artist agreement. You can find them here: ARTSWEEK GOLDEN and Foothills Art Center are not affiliated with this company....just a resource we are aware of. 

Where is the link to the original call for entries located? 

You can find the original call for entries via Zapp right here:

I have an RV. Where can I park it? 

Here are some links to nearby locations that can accommodate RV's. 

You will likely find more locations by searching the web. If all else fails, we may be able to accommodate a few vehicles in the FAC lot, however, hookups will not be available and vehicle size and spaces is extremely limited. 


What if I have questions that aren't covered here or in the artist agreement? Or what if it is after hours and I need an answer? 

Just call or text our 24-hour ARTSWEEK GOLDEN ARTISTS HOTLINE! The number is 720-900-5306. 

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